Monument signs are signs that are typically found towards the front of various facilities and buildings including corporate offices, churches, schools, and other buildings in order to enhance the appearance and experience for a prospective visitor.

One of these signs is best described as a freestanding sign typically made up of brick, marble, concrete, or another sort of durable material. These signs typically have a business name, branding, logos, and any other information that the business wants to provide. They typically go hand in hand with the actual building’s sign which provides a better branding opportunity for the building owner or business owner.

They are extremely high quality and great looking which can enhance any brand or business to help attract prospective customers.

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These signs offer an extremely impressive entrance and it is a wonderful option for just about any business. Because each sign is unique and eye-catching, it can leave a long-lasting impression on a prospective customer that sees it. This alone can facilitate better branding and better brand awareness among the marketplace.

These signs typically sit around eye level which means that they are self-sustaining and do not require any other type of structure to support it. Because of this, your sign is not going to be subject to all of the negative issues with pillars or posts which can be worn down from the various weather elements. This makes a Raleigh monument sign a much better and long-lasting investment for your business.

Multi-Tenant Monument Signs

Tenant Monument SignAnother popular use for these types of signs is for shopping centers that feature a bunch of different businesses. Along with this, buildings that have various tenants in them.

Because these signs are capable of featuring different business names or even offering up a directory of the facilities, it is a great option for those that are in need of a sign for a business park, office building, or shopping center.

Custom Monument SignIf you are really looking for the ultimate sign solution which can provide you with an exceptional branding opportunity that will provide a long-lasting impression, look no further. A monument sign is the absolute best possible sign for your business.

Mercury Signs offers Raleigh monument signs for virtually every budget and you will be able to get it fully customized to suit your specific needs.

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