For a premier outdoor sign, rely on Mercury Signs, a local full-service sign provider. We offer clients a full range of outdoor and exterior sign types, including awnings, hanging signs, LED signs, monument signs, yard signs, and more! Mercury Signs sources highly-durable materials for our clients, because an exterior sign is a long-term investment – one that Mercury Signs wants you to be happy with for years to come!

Because Mercury Signs is based in Raleigh, we are able to recommend signs and materials that are appropriate to our climate, taking into account special weather conditions as well as local regulations.

Consider this: 46% of potential customers learn about a business from storefront signage (sourced from the International Sign Association). With that kind of impact, we think outdoor signs are an investment you can’t afford to overlook!

We are enthusiastic to work with you. The first step is a FREE consultation, which you can schedule today by calling Mercury Signs at 919-568-5940!

A Guide to Selecting Outdoor Signs

We’ve created a short guide that outlines some key points our professionals consider as they assist you with your exterior signage.

Perfect Placement

Custom Outdoor Hanging Banner Flag SignsWhile we acknowledge that aesthetics are an important part of your sign project, we feel the first consideration for your outdoor sign should be placement. Certain sign types require more or less space, depending on type and hardware. For example, a sidewalk sign requires sidewalk easement (space outside of traffic flow) for your sign to be displayed. A vertical sign may work best for small storefronts. Mercury Signs offers many options for outdoor sign types for any need.

Assessing sign placement is something our expert will cover with you during your free consultation. Schedule your free on-site consult today by calling Mercury Signs at 919-568-5940!

Maximize the Advertising Potential of Your Outdoor Sign

Your storefront is the frontline for advertising your business. More than just a sign, an outdoor sign is the key identifier for your business, gaining the attention of passersby and becoming part of your brand. Your storefront, business location, or event benefits from an overall evaluation of effective signage. Our sign design team will assist you in identifying a strategy for your outdoor signage package that makes the best use of your key advertising space.

Identify Local Ordinances Specific to Exterior Signs

Custom Monument SignIt pays to perform due diligence on area ordinance and regulations that relate to outdoor signage. And while this won’t apply to every client, sign regulations often affect businesses that are located in historic districts, overlays, shopping centers, and planned communities. The team at Mercury Signs will work with you to identify ordinances and specifications that will affect your sign, and offer proofs as needed for permitting (if required). During your FREE consult, we will work with you to identify any special considerations that need to be made for your project. Our design, manufacturing, and installation teams are highly trained to ensure your project meets local area ordinances and specifications.

Durable Outdoor Signs

Mercury Signs is a local sign company offering a wide range of exterior sign choices for our customers.

As a local sign company, we are able to provide you with the personal attention required to create durable, high-quality signs that are unique, professional, and made specifically with your facility, location, and business aesthetic in mind. Our clients have the benefit of an impressive selection, with each sign type custom tailored to meet your specific needs.

We handle every component of exterior signage, from your initial free consultation through installation and maintenance/repairs. We strive to create outstanding exterior signs that make your business outshine the competition for years to come.

For a truly cohesive and professional appearance, we create signage packages, including indoor signs, commercial vehicle wraps, and any other business signs you need for promotion or identification!

Schedule Your Free Consultation!

Our team is eager to assist you with your outdoor signage, indoor, custom or any signage needs you have for your business or organization. Whether you are looking for a building sign, promotional signage, or just need a few vinyl clings for your door, we have the skills and resources to provide an outstanding product for you.

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