When you’re looking to make a lasting impression for your business or brand, a commercial vehicle wrap is the right choice. Business van and truck wraps can give your brand a boost – you’ll love the return on investment made for your ‘rolling billboard’.

Mercury Signs in Raleigh, NC offers clients multiple options for vehicle wraps and graphics, ranging from full auto wraps to individual vehicle graphics. Great ways to utilize vehicle wraps or graphics include car wraps, auto decals, trailer graphics, ad wraps for vehicles, food truck wraps, jetski wraps, and more – practically any vehicle can be customized with your branding!

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Custom Wraps: Proven to Boost Branding

Besides being a point of interest,  a vehicle wrap is a great way to send a message to a large audience!

Custom Jack Daniels Trailer WrapWith their eyes on the roads, drivers are a captive audience for businesses looking to drive sales and improve visibility. A study by ad agency RYP & Becker Group found that 97% of survey participants are able to remember an ad seen on a truck. Additionally, the same study found that 97% of survey respondents felt fleet graphics were more impactful than billboards.

Vehicle wraps are a marketing investment that keeps returning on your investment. Mercury Signs’s clients have seen the instantaneous benefits that a wrapped automobile can provide! View some of our automobile wraps below:

We design cohesive vehicle wraps that not only complement the shape of your vehicle, but reinforces your branding and is cohesive with your other promotional outdoor and indoor signage. We can utilize the colors, fonts, and styles of your existing business signs, creating a branding initiative that goes beyond your four walls.

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Types of Vehicle Wraps

Mercury Signs will personalize your full or partial vehicle wrap!

Curious about the difference between vinyl graphics and a partial wrap? At Mercury Signs, we blend various vehicle wrap options to create a truly customized option for your fleet. Below we’ve defined the levels of vehicle wrapping offered at Mercury Signs:

Full Vehicle Wraps

Food Truck WrapA full vehicle wrap is the option you want if you seek seamless coverage for your automobile! Full measurements are made of your vehicle so that our design team can create a flawless wrap. Full vehicle wraps offer superior protection for fleet vehicles or company cars, and each print is full-color, offering maximum customization opportunities.

A full vehicle wrap provides a customized advertising space for a vehicle. For clients who operate out of their vehicle, like food trucks, a full truck wrap is the visual part of their business. Clients tend to connect with visuals, making a full vehicle wrap the most impactful level of wrapping you can invest in!

Partial Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Wrap

Partial vehicle wrap offers 30-70% coverage on your automobile. A partially wrapped vehicle serves as the most economical option for clients who may be looking to wrap entire fleets or even singular vehicles. Mercury Signs’s vehicle wrap design team will design a partial wrap that integrates seamlessly with your vehicle’s existing paint, incorporating your design in a stunning way! And for clients on a tight schedule, our partial vehicle wraps can often be installed in less than a day.

Vinyl Graphics

Custom trailer graphicsIf a full-colored wrap isn’t the right option for you, Mercury Signs offers vehicle vinyl graphics. Our team can use individual graphic elements, and craft them into highly durable vinyl graphics for your vehicle. Vehicular vinyl graphics are easy to install and replace, useful for businesses who may need to include information on their fleet vehicles (like employee numbers or email addresses) that changes often.

FAQ: Vehicle Wrapping

Will a vehicle wrap damage my vehicle?

Partial Truck Wrap Lawncare

Most likely the answer is no, a vehicle wrap won’t damage your vehicle. For vehicles that are free of paint chips or damage, vinyl wraps can be easily removed when needed. Before your vehicle wrap is installed, we will ask you to ensure that the surface of your vehicle or fleet automobile is free of dirt, debris, wax, and other agents that may interfere with the application of vinyl to your vehicle.

Vinyl wrapping can actually help protect a vehicle against harsh weather or road conditions. A full vinyl wrap offers the highest level of protection from road wear, snow and ice, and everyday wear and tear.

What material is used to produce a vehicle wrap?

We fabricate our vehicle wraps from high-quality, thick and durable vinyl. Vinyl not only offers a professional look, it also allows for full-color graphics to be printed. A laminate finish is applied to the vinyl, which provides UV protection and helps deter nicks and small scratches.

How long will my vehicle wrap from Mercury Signs last?

This depends on the type of vinyl and level of wrapping you choose. In general, a vehicle wrap can last anywhere from 3-10 years. We have full-range of vinyl options and will ensure that you are getting the right material for your needs, usage, and budget.

Can a specialty vehicle be wrapped?

Custom Wrap

Mercury Signs can wrap specialty vehicles, or anything else you may desire, such as refrigerators, commercial freezers, or just about any other solid, smooth object. During the design phase of your wrap, a designer measures the object that is to be wrapped. This information is plugged in on the front end, so it’s not a problem for our team to wrap a unique vehicle or object.

Who installs the vehicle wrap?

The trained expert installers at Mercury Signs! Sometimes, like in the case of an auto door magnet or a small vinyl decal, it’s appropriate for a customer to install their simple graphic. However, the installation of a full or partial vehicle wrap should be done by a professional! Installation is offered with our automobile wrapping services at Mercury Signs.

Why is a vehicle wrap a great investment?

Vinyl Lettering

Here are two great reasons the team at Mercury Signs thinks a business should consider investing in a vehicle wrap. The first reason is aimed at companies that rely on an automobile or truck to conduct their business. A vehicle graphic creates instant professionalism for a vehicle or fleet, verifying to customers that the individual showing up at their homes is indeed a representative of your business. Some service industries do not have a storefront open to the public, such as a plumber, landscaper, or contractor, and your wrapped vehicle is the only way potential clients can identify you.

Our second reason is much more universal. Simply put, a vehicle wrap gives a high return on investment. That’s because a wrapped automobile doesn’t stop advertising your business- whether on the road or parked! Continual messaging is something many marketers aim for, and it can be a major benefit to businesses.

Because vehicle wrapping is so versatile, we think it’s a great solution for many businesses looking to increase visibility and marketing efforts.

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Working with Mercury Signs

Mercury Signs is a highly-rated vehicle wraps specialist working locally in Raleigh.

Cohesive Business vehicle magnetsAt Mercury Signs, our motto is ‘professionalism first’! We have created a vehicle wraps process with our customers in mind. To ensure that your project runs smoothly – whether it’s a vehicle wrap for business or vinyl graphics for an entire fleet- we start each project with strong communication.

We kick off your project by scheduling a meeting with a vehicle wraps specialist. This meeting is a free consultation that allows us to understand the details of your project, take measurements, and assist you in selecting various vehicle wrap levels. This free consultation can be scheduled by calling Mercury Signs at 919-568-5940 today!

After your kickoff meeting, our vehicle wrap design team will get started on the graphics and overall design of your automobile wrap. At this stage, we may ask for art files, logos, and other necessary branding information. After we’ve received a design that we think you’ll love, a graphics team member will send you a ‘proof’ of your vehicle wrap to approve. Throughout this phase of the project, we encourage you to be in open communication with our designers.

Once you’ve approved the art for your vehicle wrap, we will proceed with crafting your sign. Our sign fabricators will create your vehicle wrap in-house, right here in Raleigh. We are efficient and can often offer a speedy turnaround during the sign production phase. Our sign fabricators utilize practices that reduce waste and maximize durability of the end product. This includes the final step of applying laminate finishes that help protect your vehicle wrap from road wear.

Our last step is the installation of your vehicle wrap. A specialized technician will arrive on-site to professionally apply your wrap. As stated in our FAQ, it is important that the vehicle(s) to be wrapped are clean and free of debris. This ensures optimal adhesion of the vinyl to the surface of your car, truck, trailer, etc. 

Free Vehicle Wrap Consultation

The first step is free – and easy! Speak with one of our commercial vehicle wrap experts to get a custom quote for your project. We handle all types and styles of vehicle wraps, and can assist through every stage of the wrap process. Whether you need an entire wrap created from scratch, or just need a qualified wrap installer, we are here for you.

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