Are you looking for a way to outshine all of the businesses around you? One of the best ways to accomplish this is through the use of a lighted business sign.

There are several types of designs and styles to choose from. These types of signs are used for a wide variety of businesses, and every business can benefit from these types of illuminated signs. You will find some types of illuminated signs that are going to work for any business such as the “exit” sign, whereas others are situated for individual businesses.

The experts here at Mercury Signs have the ability to help create the perfect illuminated signs for your particular budget and needs. Our goal is to be the number one sign provider for your business to help you meet all of your goals.

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Traditional Neon Signs

While neon lights have an age-old appeal, they tend to not be the most cost-effective solutions for many businesses. However, with new technology, it is possible to get the same appeal of neon lighting with the use of LED lights which are more cost-effective and have a longer lifespan.

If you want that classic look of neon through the use of LED, we are the business to get in touch with. Give us a call today and we will begin work n the perfect design.

Lighted LED Signs

It is possible to have the gorgeous neon look through low-energy, high-efficiency LED bulbs. LED is going to give that incredible retro look without the high cost and maintenance.

LED lighting can be used in multiple settings, and is far more versatile than neon lighting. Cabinet signs and channel letters have the ability to benefit from backlighting. These types of lighted signs are perfect to bring attention to your business in the evening, making it a great choice for gas stations, nightclubs, restaurants, and convenience stores.

The LED signs are created with your specifications in mind and are available in a wide range of colors and options.

Indoor Lighted Signs

While these types of signs are perfect for storefronts they are even better designed for indoor use as well. In addition, they have many uses to help promote various aspects of your business. For example, a restaurant may want to make the order process easier by showing customers where to order and pickup.

Every sign can be customized to meet your specific needs and is only limited by your imagination. We have a staff on hand who are ready and waiting to create the perfect sign.

Programmable Digital Message Centers

If you have been looking to take your business to the next level, we also offer programmable LED Message Center Signs. These types of signs are effective on their own or can be used in conjunction with other signs on your property.

These message centers have many advantages over the typical neon signs. With these types of signs, you can easily change the message anytime as well as various color options. In addition, some of these signs have the ability to offer full graphics for an exciting effect!

Full-Service LED Sign Company

We are here to help you create the perfect the sign for your business from start to finish. When we create a custom sign for you, it is going to reflect your business and compliment it perfectly.

We are a complete sign shop with years of experience, we have the ability to create lobby signs, ADA signage, vehicle wraps, interior signs, exterior signs, as well as many other designs and styles.

Free Lighted Signs Consultation

With an incredible custom lighted sign from Mercury Signs, you are going to outshine any of your competition.

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