If you are looking for something that has versatility, as well as flexibility, the sign with channel letters is easy to customize, no matter what type of personal design choice you would like to make.

Custom Channel Letter Building SignYou can have them completely flat, or they could be eliminated, plus they are the perfect sign for people that like high levels of customization. Mercury Signs will be able to give you professional signs that you will absolutely love, catering to your budget, and also provide you with fast service.

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Storefront Channel Letters

Custom Channel Letter SignChannel letter signs are becoming more popular than ever before with storefront properties. You can use these with signs that will be three-dimensional in some way, and they can incorporate images, numbers, symbols, letters, and these are perfect for flush mounted or raceway signs that could be on your place of business or even your building. There will be a durable acrylic top, one that will be over the top of the letters, and you can incorporate transparency or different colors to get the perfect look.

If you would like to have your name displayed, or even a slogan that you have come out with, you can also include your logo on the sign at the same time. The style, size, font, and the colors that you use can be wide-ranging, and they are very easy to customize in any way that you see fit. Channel letters are typically hand formed, allowing you to add on custom fonts, images, or icons that you believe will make your sign the better.

Retail stores, malls, shopping centers, grocery stores, and even schools are catering to channel letter signs because of their overall versatility.

Dimensional Letters

Storefront SignAnother thing to consider would be the addition of what are called dimensional letters, and they can be individually created to suit your needs. In the same way that channel letters are going to have a distinctive look that can help with illumination, dimensional letters will use materials like metal or acrylic. The sizes that they come in, as well as the fonts that are used, can come in different levels of thickness so that you can control how the sign looks, allowing you to have a completely flat sign, or one that will be what appears several inches deep.

Mercury Signs will be able to create for you any type of dimensional letters sign that will help you promote your brand, as well as your company and products, and do so in the most durable way possible.

If you are the owner of a shopping mall, retail store, restaurant, or if you have a manufacturing plant, you should have one of these for a lobby or indoor sign.

Backlit & Illuminated Signs

Lighted SignIf you are able to incorporate LED lighting, channel letters might be what you need to help everything stand out. If you are trying to attract people to your business, and the weather is bad, or if it is dark outside, they are still going to see the sign. Once it is done, and delivered, you will have everything that you need to make sure that it is perfectly safe and secure, plus all of the electrical wiring will be provided to lighted up.

If you have a business that is open during the evening, or in the early morning hours, channel letter signs will be able to attract new customers because of their distinctive appearance.

Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation

Our company is going to provide quality products, and fast turnaround times, and all of this will be designed and created by dedicated personnel that will help you with the project that you have hired us to do. As your long-term signage partner, we are looking forward to working with you throughout the life of your business, something that Mercury Signs is known for throughout the area.

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