The front of your store or commercial location is the best place to strike a strong first impression with your target audience and build lasting relations.

At Mercury Signs, we make sure that impression is an outstanding one!

A high-quality business sign says a lot about the professionalism you are offering and sets you apart from the mundane and mediocre. This will allow you to develop a stronger presence in your area and attract more patrons bringing more business and profits.

You could also promote your business brand and logo for your target audience or convey a promotional message about your products or services, there are many reasons a high-quality and tailor-made signage solution will improve your standings in the market and bring you closer to your business goals.

No matter the needs or vision, you can count on us to handle all aspect of your signage needs from designs and fabrication to installations and maintenance.

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The Right Sign for Your Building

There is a whole plethora of factors that must be considered to create the perfect sign for a specific location. Your business personality is one of the most importance followed by target audience, local competition, environmental elements, budget, even the direction of the sunlight during business hours could be important to optimal result.

Our talented and experienced sign consultants will walk you through every aspect of the signage process to ensure you get exactly what you need from your tailor-made business signs. Our services will begin with a survey of the location and accurate measurements. We can also handle the initial designs concepts and designs or work from and existing marketing theme. After your signs are fabricated from the best materials, our installation and maintenance professionals will apply their skills and experience to ensuring your signs last their very longest.

Types of Building Signs

After looking over the specific needs of your project, our sign consultants will make some important recommendations. Depending on the structure of your location in relation to other environmental elements you will receive some recommendations for signage that will be most visually effective.

You may notice that other businesses in the area are using similar signing, but rest assured your productions will be completely unique and feature the essential theme and signature appeal of your establishment.

Channel Letters & Dimensional Letters

Channel and Dimensional lettering is one of the most versatile and durable options and a popular choice in a wide variety of industries. Channel letters can be a series of individual letters, numbers symbols or logos or whatever you need. It is also possible to illuminate these signs in different ways thus increasing their visibility to those up and about late at night. Channel and Dimensional lettering are a great option for all kinds of businesses from retail outlets and restaurants to manufacturing facilities.

Lighted Signs

Lighted signs have the advantage of broadcasting their message anytime of the day or night. Different signs can be illuminated in different ways and this provides an eye-catching display when the sun goes down. Channel lettering can be backlit and cabinet style signs can feature interior illumination. This is an ideal option for those businesses that will remain open past hours and attract late night patrons. Theaters, convenience stores, bars, restaurants and other late-night haunts can all benefit from superior lighted signs.

Projecting Signs, Hanging Signs & Blade Signs

This type of sign extends outward from the building, unlike the channel lettering, for example, that is fixed to the wall. This type of sign allows for better visibility in some3s situations and is a great idea for those businesses with offices or studios in higher levels of the building. You can find backlit cabinet signs in many different high-quality materials including durable polyurethane foam, metal or wood. Businesses that could benefit from this sign would include photo studios or private investigations services on levels above a fashionable boutique.

Canopy & Awning Signs

Awnings and Canopy signs not only effectively broadcast your message but can serve to provide a measure of protection from the sun, wind or rain. These are commonly made of a tough canvas material supported by a frame, but they can also be made of other materials as the situation demands. Awnings and canopies have a luxurious feel and make great business signs for a boutique or open-air restaurant.

Free Building Sign Consultation

Mercury Signs is committed to providing clients with the best solutions in business signage. We fully understand the importance of sending a clear message to your target audience and will provide every service to provide the signage that accomplishes this task.

Call Mercury Signs at 919-568-5940 for your Free Consultation with a Building Signs Expert!

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